Monday, November 27, 2006

Congrats to the Max Bonus point winners from last week!

AMY correctly came up with the caption THIS!. It was:

I didn't know this show was called Philadelphia.

The picture is of the Cho Brothers, definitely showing some brotherly love after their elimination. Philadelphia is nicknamed "The city of brotherly love".

ADAM was the only one to send me a rap, so he got full points. And here is the text of his rap.

Week 12 Bonus Question

This week's trivia comes courtesy of Peter. I just thought it was really funny.

During the episode this week, one of the stops was at Atlas Production Studios outside Ouarzazate. During the filming of the first movie filmed at this studio, the US Military got incredibly worried that Morroco had stolen something of theirs to use in future combat, when really it was a fake model (give it up for the stellar powers of the US Military leaders!).

Two part question:

1. What was the movie? (20 points)
2. What did the US Military think had been stolen? (20 points)

Week 12: Caption THIS!

Team Scores After Week 11

  1. Tyler and James 145
  2. Lyn and Karlyn 15
  3. Rob and Kimberly 85
  4. Dustin and Kandice 105

Pool scores after week 11(?)

  1. Terry 3150
  2. Allegra 3065
  3. Ashlee 3040
  4. Amy 3014
  5. Adam 2988
  6. Becky 2610
  7. Boogie 2600
  8. Kristin, Robyn 2480
  9. Chris 2475
  10. Judy 2417
  11. Ben 2346
  12. Chris H. 2340
  13. Caitlin S. 2280
  14. Joanna 2180
  15. Curt 2140
  16. Dave, Mark 2100
  17. Michelle 2060
  18. Zoe 2000
  19. Eric 1935
  20. Sarah 1920
  21. Anton 1900
  22. Courtney W 1885
  23. Courtney 1880
  24. Caitlin 1856
  25. June 1850
  26. Willow 1685
  27. Tracy 1585
  28. Jill, Mary 1490
  29. Ami 1480
  30. Jay 1440
  31. Trina 1280
  32. Linda 1200
  33. Nancy 1050
  34. Peter 1018
  35. Mark D. 920
  36. Kathy 905
  37. Bari 870
  38. Anthony 780
  39. Mike, Stephanie 645
  40. Laura 295
  41. Les 275
  42. Ryan 120

Monday, November 20, 2006

Team Scores after Week 10 (and trivia answers)

What a crazy episode. The ___wins get the boot in Kiev for being polite and destroying the stereotype that men don't stop and ask for directions. James run's his tank into the barbie's and they gained the first place spot. The barbies and Roberly rap their little white hearts out before the Lyns kick it Bama-style. I enjoyed the need for a costume change into tuxes for Team Model (always enjoy that need, btw). And Rob called Kimberly a "superhuman creature from outerspace", which I think was a compliment. Maybe those two can actually work things out and are still together to this day. And we learned that is such a thing as the Great Patriotic War Museum. I guess they keep the upheavels and overthrowing government-type wars on the other side of town in a storage unit. All in all, a good leg of the race.

Team scores!
1. Team Model Addiction: 135
2. Team Barbie: 125
3. Team Maybe Still Dating: 85
4. Team Bama: 65
5. Team ______win: - 140

Trivia answers: (I was a little lenient on specific times)
On Sunday, Nov 19, at 12:09 they take the train for 21.14 km (47 minutes). They will need to walk .9km and pay 6 euros for a tourist ticket or anywhere between 2 to 4 for others.

The Finnish equivalent for Aloha (meaning hello and goodbye) is Moi! Moi!

It's been a pleasure bloggin' with ya'll! Keep it real, yo. (gearing up for my rap)

Pool Player Scores after Week 10

Wow! With the ____wins getting kicked off the race for bein too polite, quite a few changes to the standings of pool players.

1 Terry 2860
2 Aslee 2810
3 Adam 2743
4 Allegra 2735
5 Amy 2724
6 Becky 2360
7 Boogie 2350
8 Chris 2290
9 Judy 2272
10 Kristin, Robyn 2250
11 Ben 2186
12 Caitlin 2135
13 Chris H 2070
14 Joanna 2035
15 Dave 2000
16 Mark 1955
17 Curt 1940
18 Michelle 1915
19 Zoe 1900
20 Sarah 1815
21 Eric 1790
22 Anton 1755
23 Courtney W 1740
24 Courtney 1735
25 June 1710
26 Caitlin G 1696
27 Willow 1600
28 Tracy 1440
29 Jill, Mary 1345
30 Jay, Ami 1335
31 Linda 1185
32 Trina 1175
33 Nancy 1050
34 Peter 1003
35 Mark D 920
36 Bari 870
37 Kathy 760
38 Anthony 740
39 Stephanie, Mike 645
40 Laura 295
41 Les 275
42 Ryan 120

Caption THIS! Week I have no idea

Not many photos to choose from, but here we go. Let's play Match Game, shall we? I'm thinking of an eight word caption that breaks down like this:

I *i**'* **o* **is s*o* *as *a**e* **i*a*e***ia.

Be the FIRST to guess my quote (and post it or email it to me), I'll give you MAX BONUS POINTS this week. You will, as always, receive 40 for posting your caption.

And, oh, for every three people that submit a caption, I'll put another letter into the match game caption.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week (who knows but Allegra's back) BONUS QUESTION

During the detour, the Beauty Queens and 'bama mamas had to make a fine little rap (and oh, how I was laughing).

For this week's bonus question, create your own Amazing Race rap, using countries, tasks, teams, Phil, whatever!

One point for each line. And I'm gonna post 'em all and will also choose a winning rap, who will receive MAX BONUS POINTS for the week (100).

Monday, November 13, 2006

Extra Bonus Question

For a few extra bonus points, please find the translation for this sign. I took this picture in Finland, and I can't find what this means!


Caption THIS

Two Photos this time!! I was impressed by those of you who followed directions last week and avoided vomit captions. MOST of you followed.... (ahem, ADAM).

20 points each. Enjoy!

Trivia for Week 9


First, about last weeks trivia. Thought it would be easy, eh? Ha ha! I hope you all enjoyed learning about the wildlife of Madagascar, or, at the very least, checked out the animated movie by the same name.

1. Boulder Mabuya (I also accepted lizard)
2. Verreaux's Sifaka (I also accepted lemur - it's not a monkey! sorry!)
3. Crimson Dropwing (I also accepted dragonfly)
4. Scissortail Sergeant (I also accepted zebrafish - reasoning to follow)
5. Panther Gecko

All animals are native to Madagascar except #4, which is found in Mauritius, the past pit stop location - see how tricky I can be? Thus the accepted name thing. I figured you all needed a handicap/pity vote on answers since you were all looking at Madagascar facts and distracted by the cartoon movie.

And the Lemur is the star of Zoboomafoo, a popular kids program on PBS.

Triva for Week 9!
Let's assume Tyler and James are heading to the airport after their scary journey face first down the Olympic tower. If they take only the train around noon on Sunday, November 19, how long would it take them to reach the airport and what is the total distance and the total walking distance it would take for them to reach their goal?
20 pionts for that.
10 more if you can tell me how much their train ticket would cost.
10 more if you can tell me the Finnish equivalent to Hawaii's "Aloha".

Hint: Remember, they are tourists.

Good luck! Answer to Chris before 4pm on Sunday, the 19th!

Team Scores after week 9

Wow! What an episode!!
After watching their family members on coffee house laptops, we've learned that the beauty queens are truly NOT natural blondes and that the Lyn's can drop many a tear. Loved, loved LOVED beauty tips from Tyler on the train. And I never thought waders looked particularily sexy until I saw them on Phil. Too bad David and Mary couldn't have pulled through one more leg. It would have been great to see them in a mine. Liked the various shout-outs from various team members to them during that underground excursion.

I think Rob needs a lot more of his "moments" to get the rage out. And maybe a sense of direction. He seemed keen on always going the wrong way, once almost into an actual mine. At least he didn't cut the line to the taxi and steal one from another team (BAD beauty queens!!)

Does anyone else think it's crazy to rapel face first, 236 feet, in just your socks?? That's bat-sh*t crazy, right there.

As far as points go for Episode Title, Monkey Points and Placement along the race, the Team Scores for this leg are thusly:

1. Team Well-Moisturized: 90
2. Beauty Queens: 60
3. Team Most-Likely-Not-Still-Together: -20
4. The Polite _____wins: -40
5. The Tearful Lyns: 0

Pool Players Scores after Week 9

With no elimination and this leg of the race continuing, the scoring is all over the place! The Models and the Beauty Queens pulled ahead with a lot of points for being "Currently in First Place" and the ____wins being "Currently in Last Place" six times - yikes! Being Polite does truly Suck Sometime.

1 Aslee 2730
2 Adam 2678
3 Terry 2670
4 Amy 2574
5 Allegra 2410
6 Boogie 2230
7 Judy 2207
8 Ben 2180
9 Kristin 2170
10 Caitlin 2140
11 Becky 2100
12 Chris 2075
13 Robyn 2030
14 Mark 1960
15 Michelle 1920
15 Joanna 1900
16 Curt 1880
17 Chris H, Dave 1850
18 Sarah 1830
19 Eric 1790
20 Anton 1760
21 Courtney 1740
22 Zoe 1710
23 June 1660
24 Willow 1655
25 Courtney W 1605
26 Caitlin G 1496
27 Tracy 1445
28 Jay 1350
29 Ami 1340
30 Jill, Mary 1210
31 Nancy, Trina 1190
32 Linda 1120
33 Peter 1078
34 Mark D 1060
35 Bari 1010
36 Stephanie, Mike 785
37 Anthony 740
38 Kathy 625
39 Laura 435
40 Les 415
41 Ryan 260

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Media Point Bonanza for me!

So, I asked myself, how many points do I get for having taken a picture of a random race clue location before knowing it was a race clue location? This isn't like, say, seeking out the shoe from the Family Edition


And it's not like it is the Great Wall of China or some other well-known tourist place.

Oh contraire.

So I give to you, the Kapperi Cafe, with a bunch of people out in front of it. And why did I take that picture? Not because I had some premonition that on some random race in the random future they would go to Finland and happen to stumble upon that cafe. No. It's because all of those people were watching us on the outdoor stage we played every day.



Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rosie gives Kentucky Stuff!

David and Mary were on The View and in classic Rosie style, they received a ton of stuff. Thanks Laura for sharing and you get 5 points for sending along this media bit of enjoyment.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Trivia Challenge Week 8

First off, the answers to last weeks trivia. It was a tough one! Not too many of you got it right as we made it hard to just read it right off the web. You had to dig like racers in a big ol' pile of salt.

1. Who was the first governor of Mauritius ? Cornelius Goyer, Dutch govenor in 1638

2. Which governor started economic development? Count Bertrand-Franqous Mahe' de la Bourdannais (we just don't have fancy named rulers anymore)

3. What important thing did he build and who was it named after? (He built the city of Port Louis, named after King Louis XV

Photo Quiz this week!
Send me the names of the following animal life (5 points each)
10 Bonus points if you can tell me which one is "not like the others"
5 bonus points if you can tell what television show stars animal number two

Pool Player Scores after Week 8

Pool Player Scores after Week 8

1 Aslee 2700
2 Adam 2548
3 Amy 2534
4 Terry 2480
5 Ben 2220
6 Allegra 2180
7 Kristin 2140
8 Boogie 2120
9 Judy 2112
10 Caitlin 2090
11 Robyn 1960
12 Becky 1950
13 Mark 1910
14 Dave, Michelle 1870
15 Curt 1830
16 Chris 1825
17 Sarah, Joanna 1810
18 Chris H 1780
19 Zoe 1730
20 Willow 1715
21 Anton 1710
22 Eric 1700
23 Courtney 1690
24 June 1640
25 Courtney W 1515
26 Caitlin G 1406
27 Tracy 1395
28 Jay 1330
29 Ami 1290
30 Nancy 1230
31 Trina 1170
32 Linda, Mary, Jill 1120
33 Peter 1118
34 Mark D 1100
35 Bari 1050
36 Stephanie, Mike 825
37 Anthony 740
38 Kathy 535
39 Laura 470
40 Les 415
41 Ryan 300

Caption THIS Week 8

Not much to choose from this week. I could only get the first three pics to load up on the cbs site and Phil's weren't that great. Let's see how many non-vomit related captions we can get!!

Team Scores after Week 8

What an odd leg of the Race. Moving mattresses bound by fanny packs? Eating cow lips? (which I had the unfortunate timing to have watched while eating dinner - NOT reccomended!!) Did anyone else notice what a calming effect cow lips have on Rob and Kimberly? Maybe they should always be eating something because it sure cut down on their typically snarky bickering. And what is up with the taxis? Can't anyone keep a full tank of gas anymore? We all knew David and Mary were most likely on their way out. I bet they will never look at 10 minutes the same.

Team Barbie continually gets their selfish groove on, which will ultimately always pull them out ahead but at the risk of sacrificing future aid from other teams. Thought it was a bit tacky to not take their busted bumper car. The poor Cho's getting stuck with them during the new Intersection.

But we're down to 5 Teams and that means it is GO TIME people! Stop this silly "let's wait for the rest of six pack" thing and get a move on! As long as we get to see Phil shake his groove thing again, I guess I can be okay with ANY Pit Stop results.

And so, without further delay - the Team Scores

Model Addiction - 190
Bicker and Snipe - 180
Beauty Queens - 110
The ___wins - 70
The Lyns - 50
Kentucky - -100

Model Addiction - 190

Friday, November 03, 2006

On my own Amazing Race

Originally uploaded by ajlingo.
Just so y'all don't think I'm spending all of my time sitting in hotel rooms, eating takeout and playing a show a couple times a day, here's a shot of me I think is pretty sweet.

And yes, that's the Atlantic behind me.

In three weeks, I'll post a similar one--in front of the Pacific.