Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trivia Challenge Week 7

Triva Time! Answers to Chris by 4pm on Sunday

  1. Who was the first governor of Mauritius ?
  2. Which governor started economic development?
  3. What important thing did he build and who was it named after?

Caption THIS! week 7

Monday, October 30, 2006

Team Scores Week 7

1. Dustin and Kandice: 170
2. Tyler and James: 70
3. Rob and Kimberly: 60
4. Erwin and Godwin: 60
5. Lyn and Karlyn: 50
6. David and Mary: 10

Pool Player Scores after Week 7

No eliminations this week, so addition is soooo easy!

1 Ashlee 2260
2 Adam 2242
3 Amy 2074
4 Terry 2030
5 Ben 1910
6 Judy 1852
7 Allegra 1840
8 Caitlin 1790
9 Becky, Boogie 1750
10 Kristin 1700
11 Mark 1650
12 Dave 1640
13 Sarah 1630
14 Zoe 1620
15 Michelle 1610
16 Robyn 1590
17 Joanna, Curt 1520
18 Willow 1465
19 Anton 1450
20 Chris 1435
21 Courtney, Eric 1430
22 Chris H, June 1410
23. June 1410
24 Courtney W 1325
25 Bari 1180
26 Linda 1170
27 Nancy 1160
28 Jay 1150
29 Tracy 1135
30 Caitlin G 1126
31 Mark D, Ami 1030
32 Peter 998
33 Trina 990
34 Mary, Jill 930
35 Stephanie, Mike 755
36 Anthony 740
37 Ryan 430
38 Laura 400
39 Les, Kathy 345

A sizeable Caption THIS! Challenge

Hi everyone, Allegra here, hijacking my blog back for five minutes.

In addition to the bonus and Caption THIS! That Chris will post this week, I'm issuing another challenge.

Here are my photos that I've taken so far on this crazy trip I'm on. They are sadly devoid of comments or funny captions (although, most of them are scenery and it's often hard to come up with something funny to say about that. I should know. That's mostly what I write about). For each picture that you put a comment on, I'll throw a point your way

(oh and Chris, I'll keep track of these). I think you can still comment if you're not a member of flickr. But if you can't, join! It's free, and it's the best online photo sharing tool that I've used. In fact, I heart it.

Okay, back to my creative ways.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Triva for week 6

First things first. I apologize for the really tough questions last week. The answers WERE in plain site on wikipedia when we wrote them, but then they just went away like any respect we've ever held for Peter or Rob.

So, answers:
1) The name of the fast food chain that was supposedly opening in India is Bollywood.
2) The first one opened in Dusseldorf
3) Bunny Chow is the name of the popular food.

Anyone that sent me a guess got 40 points!

NEW Triva:
The first wall around Kuwait City was built in the 1760s, the second in 1814, and the last in 1920. This was demolished in 1957 but its five gates were left standing as monuments to the past. What are the names of each gate?

Caption THIS week 6

Team Scores after Week 6

1. Dustin and Kandace: 120
2. Rob and Kimberly: 120
3. David and Mary: 110
4. Lyn and Karlyn: 80
5. Tyler and James: 60
6. Erwin and Goodwin: 50
7. Peter and Sarah: -90

Pool Scores after Week 6

With Peter and Sarah getting elimated, there is a lot of shuffling around in the scores this week!

1 Ashlee 2070
2 Adam 1922
3 Ben 1730
4 Amy 1754
5 Terry 1650
6. Caitlin 1560
7 Judy 1542
8 Dave 1530
9 Mark, Allegra 1520
10 Becky 1500
11 Michelle 1480
12 Kristin 1470
13 Robyn 1460
14 Zoe 1420
15 Boogie 1410
16 Joanna, Sarah 1400
17 Chris 1365
18 Willow 1345
19 Anton 1340
20 Courtney 1320
21 Curt 1300
22 Eric, Chris H 1280
23 Courtney W 1255
24. June 1130
25 Bari 1110
26 Nancy 1100
27 Linda 1070
28 Caitlin G 1006
29 Tracy 1005
30 Mark D 930
31 Jay 920
32 Ami 900
33 Jill, Mary 860
34 Peter 808
35 Trina 720
36 Mike, Stephanie 695
37 Anthony 670
38 Ryan 360
39 Les 345
40 Laura 340
41 Kathy 275

Monday, October 16, 2006

Week Five Trivia

Three parter this week!
1. What is soon to be the new "McDonald's-type" food chain in India?
2. In what city was the first restaurant of this chain built?
3. What is the name of the scooped out bread and curry dish popular amongst Indians in South Africa in the 1940s?

Caption THIS!

Team Scores after week 5

  1. Dustin and Kandice 165
  2. Peter and Sarah 155
  3. Rob and Kimberly 115
  4. Tyler and James 65
  5. Erwin and Godwin 65
  6. Lyn and Karlyn 55
  7. David and Mary 25

Pool Player Scores after week 5

1. Ashlee 1880

2. Ben 1630
3. Adam 1577

4. Mark 1500
5. Judy 1462
6. Michelle 1460

6. Robyn 1460

7. Dave 1440
8. Amy 1424
9. Chris 1395

10. Caitlin 1365
11. Terry 1340
12. Joanna 1320

12. Anton 1320
13. Eric 1310

13. Sarah 1310

14. Willow 1295

15. Courtney W 1285
16. Courtney 1280

17. Boogie 1240

18. Allegra 1230
19. Zoe 1210
19. Becky 1210

19. Kristin 1210

20. Curt 1110

21. Chris H 1105

22. Nancy 1050

23. Bari 1040

24. Mark D 970

24. Linda 970

25. Mary 895

26. Jill 890

27. June 880

28. Tracy 855

29. Caitlin S 846

30. Ami 790

31. Anthony 760

32. Jay 750

33. Mike 735

34. Stephanie 730

35. Peter 678

36. Trina 550

37. Ryan 400

38. Les 295

39. Laura 290

40. Kathy 215

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Thoughts - Episode Four

And after a short reprieve last week, my thoughts are back. I read Miss Alli's recap last week and have to say it wasn't one of her better ones, so I don't feel too bad I couldn't find much to say other than Boo! Duke and Lauren didn't need to go home this early!

Anyways. Vietnam: Part II.

We begin the episode with the *wins, sporting some awesome headlamps. I love that nearly all the teams do this now, even though it began way back in race three with one of the best racers of all time (the tall one--not the short harpy). They are told to go exchange their money in order to get their next clue.

The money, we find out from Team Zoolander, is dong. And yes, everyonce in awhile I get to giggle and stuff like that. Especially when one addict model turns to the other and says "how much dong you got?"

This is the first time, I think in the history of the race, that we have ever seen teams have to exchange money before (of course, I think Jim and Marsha are still bitter about their exchange woes, but whatever). This just leads me to believe that the editors have the same level of maturity that I do so they could see all the teams count their dong. Still funny.

The teams get their clue which says to proceed to a statue and listen for the audio clue. At this point, was I the only one thinking "Oh my God! It's Legends of the Hidden Temple! They get to talk to Olmec!"? No? Just me? Okay fine, whatever. But it was an awesome show and I used to watch it all the time at my Grandparents' house. On the way there, Mary stunned us once again with her command of Asian languages. It wasn't on the level of Quack Quack, and I really can't even do a phoenetic interpretation of what she said without rewatching the episode a couple more times. But, it was awesome. For those of you keeping score at home (even though I know none of you are since I'm doing it for you), three of the four episode titles haev been from Mary. Team Clueless (their new nickname to be explained in full later is this recap) turns to each other and says "I've very auditory", only to be followed of an amazing shot where they think the clue is in the CRICKETS. Oh, the funny. This season has proven to expect a lot from the racers, but I don't think any Dr. Doolittle tendencies is on the list. I'm really liking these new clue strategies. This is the most ingenious since the Evil Billboard in season four, I think.

The teams get the clue to go to the Hydrofoil Harbor (?) in Bai Chong Kwai or something like that. Good call on having the taxi drivers listen to it. The next taxi cab sequence is when we really saw Killer Fatigue set in (Killer Fatigue: proper noun. abbr. KF. The condition in which a racer's state of mind hits the breaking point due to stress, lack of sleep, lack of sustenance, and utter exhaustion. Main side effect is more air time, and you're liable to say a lot of stupid shit). Case in point: Rob (Mr. Mutual Loathing himself) blatantly declaring: "I'm done talking to foreigners."


Good luck on, you know, that whole racearoundtheworld thing.

At some point right about here, I wrote down Team Zoolander saying "That's the global killer" and, in parentheses, Isn't that SARS? I haven't the slightest clue what this was in reference to and, honestly, it probably sounded funnier in my head anyways.

And onto the Roadblock, where Peter and Sarah decide that the first roadblock Sarah's going to do is one that says, "Who has strong arms and legs?" Plural, folks! The task turns out to be a 90 foot ascender climb up the Cliffs of Insanity. Granted, there's only one foot loop on there, but as opposed to the bilegged people, Sarah doesn't get the option to switch out. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Sarah and her seemingly quick defeatest attitudes (as Bethany pointed out, "She's been missing the leg since birth? So, she never had to, like overcome anything?"), but there was quite a difference between Sarah working her leg off trying to climb the ascender, and Peter relaxing in the boat with sunglasses resting on forehead and sipping a Coke (although I admit that's probably what I'd be doing while my teammate did that challenge). This wasn't quite as exciting as the previous ascender, but it'll do. And I really didn't write down anything else.

Time for the Detour! I have to admit, I'm a bit sad it seems like Phil's traditional "A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons" and accompanied by the hands of exposition seem to be gone this season. But I guess I'm a traditionalist that way. Mass in Latin, Sesame Street when no one besides Big Bird could see Snuffy, Phil with his standard phrases. Whatever. We have a detour that is not unlike the one in Season three in Portugal with the kegs or bottles of Port and deliveries--either do the more physically challenging and deliver one place, or do one that requires a couple more stops. However, this one I'm just going to call the Talented Mr Ripley detour because, honestly, at any moment I thought that one team member on any of those teams was going to go Jude Law (or subsequently Matt Damon) on their teammate's ass. And it's in a boat. Which is awesome. I think my favorite line of the night had to actually go to Rob in this sequence: "What's a Junk?" (okay, maybe my tenth favorite line of the episode because there were a lot of good ones). But seriously, someone obviously has not been reading his Hardy Boys. Someone began waxing poetic on us, with some accidentally polishing off a Haiku (can't remember who it was right now...dangit):

Real live ocean
water over on your head
you fall you are dead
If that was Mary (I have to rewatch my tape) I am going to declare her an undercover FBI agent who has been posing as a coal miner's wife for the last twelve years because haikus are hard to come up with. Just look at the ones the Fringe staff tried. Apparently, we need to add "row a boat" to the list of "things to learn before going on The Amazing Race. Along with drive stick, swim, and eat your own vomit. I'm not sure I've ever seen a detour turn so many teams into so many beasts so quickly. I don't know if the sea was a bit rougher than production expected, or the tide was turning, or really that no team knew how to row, but this was just brutal. Is it wrong of me that I was hoping Team Mutual Loathing would try to dive for the pearls and, um, not come up again? Or maybe Peter. I think he's actually a Cylon. There is something just not quite...human about him. I think the kicker for me was when he told Sarah to shut up when he was trying to do the detour. That was really the icing on the cake. Of ironic disgust.
Teams row boats. Tom decides it'd be a fantastic idea to get out and tow his. People complain. Team Zoolander wonders why their junk is moving so slow (hee. sorry), and realize that the anchor is still down (this is akin to a city bus driver doing half his route with the parking break on. Come on, Vietnamese junk drivers!). Team Clueless, well, drop their clue in the water and manage to perfectly mangle it. And then they fight one of those fabulous sorority house fights where they get all bitchy and they hate each other and then a split second later they are sorry and cry (on each other's shoulders, literally! But it's a good thing they asked first)--totally Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy from Clueless. These two are one pillow fight away from being the stereotypical blonde beauty queens. And I heart them for it.
Team Mutual Loathing eeks out the win and win Jet Skis. I think it's wise they won something that can be used separately.
Two more closing thoughts:
  • LOVED *win's Let's Hug It Out tshirt. If you're not watching Entourage, put it on your Netflix queue RIGHT NOW.
  • Do you think that, if Sarah continues to wise up and catch on to the Cylon that is Peter, they'll change their status at the bottom of the screen to "formerly recently dating"? Because that would be awesome.

And this is Scrappy, signing off.

Bonus Question: Week FIVE

I've never though the Vietnam War was something to wax poetic about, but they still managed to make a musical out of it.

Three part question (ten for each of the first two, twenty for #3)

1. What is the name of the musical?
2. What lands on the stage?
3. What instrument tells people to hold their loved one tight and dance like it's the last night of the world?

Week Three Bonus Question Answer

The former racer who was both a Vietnam Vet and had to go back to Vietnam during the course of the race was Ian of Season Three. I was never a big fan, but now he's my friend on Myspace so we're on speaking terms.

Caption THIS! Week Four

Team Scores after Week Four

  1. Rob and Kimberly 145
  2. Peter and Sarah 95
  3. Tyler and James 85
  4. Erwin and Godwin 75
  5. David and Mary 75
  6. Lyn and Karlyn 85
  7. Dustin and Kandice 15
  8. Tom and Terry -75

Pool Scores After Week Four

  1. Ashlee 1400
  2. Adam 1292
  3. Ben 1290
  4. Amy 1244
  5. Mark 1215
  6. Chris, Michelle 1175
  7. Robyn 1125
  8. Dave 1115
  9. Eric, Caitlin 1090
  10. Judy 1077
  11. Joanna 1075
  12. Courtney W 1065
  13. Terry 1045
  14. Anton 1035
  15. Zoe 1015
  16. Allegra 1000
  17. Courtney 995
  18. Willow 960
  19. Becky 955
  20. Boogie 945
  21. Sarah, Curt 925
  22. Kristin 915
  23. Chris H 885
  24. Nancy 830
  25. Bari 795
  26. Mark D 750
  27. Linda 735
  28. Tracy 725
  29. Caitlin S 716
  30. Mary 675
  31. Jill 670
  32. Ami 660
  33. June 595
  34. Peter 558
  35. Jay 520
  36. Mike 515
  37. Stephanie 510
  38. Anthony 475
  39. Trina 320
  40. Ryan 310
  41. Les 230
  42. Laura 225
  43. Kathy 150

Monday, October 02, 2006

John McCain was a Hottie!

Or at least, Zoe thinks so. Here's a link to that strapping young fellow back when he was actually wearing the flight suit from his Vietnam Days.

Caption THIS! (part two of two)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Caption THIS! (part one of two)

I'm posting two this week because this one was way too funny to pass up. For 20 points, what would Sarah and / or Peter say to this baseball player?

Bonus Question: Week Three

This week the teams find themselves in Vietnam. Duke talked about his friends who were over there but he wasn't drafted. David talked about his father. Tom and Terry and Erwin and Godwin both stopped to take a moment of reflection in front of John McCain's flight suit in the prison where he was held.

However, this is not the first time the race has gone to Vietnam, and last time there was actually a Vietnam vet who had to go back. What was the name of this racer?

Good luck!

Team Scores After Week Three

  1. Team __win 135
  2. Team Zoolander 95
  3. Team Mutual Loathing 95
  4. Dustin and Kandice 85
  5. Team Tripod 75
  6. Team Bowling Moms *redux 55
  7. David and Mary 45
  8. TnT 65
  9. Team Double D -125

Pool Scores After Week Three

  1. Mark 1015
  2. Ashlee 1000
  3. Adam 977
  4. Chris 970
  5. Courtney W 960
  6. Michelle 920
  7. Ben 910
  8. Judy 892
  9. Eric 890
  10. Amy 889
  11. Allegra 820
  12. Robyn 800
  13. Dave 790
  14. Caitlin 785
  15. Anton, Joanna, Becky, Zoe 780
  16. Terry, Courtney 770
  17. Sarah 740
  18. Boogie 730
  19. Willow 720
  20. Chris 690
  21. Curt 680
  22. Nancy 660
  23. Mark D 655
  24. Tracy 640
  25. Kristin 610
  26. Bari 550
  27. Caitlin S 516
  28. Ami 500
  29. Mary 495
  30. Jill 490
  31. Linda 480
  32. Jay 430
  33. June 420
  34. Anthony 380
  35. Mike 345
  36. Stephanie 340
  37. Peter 338
  38. Trina 230
  39. Ryan 160
  40. Les 155
  41. Laura 150
  42. Kathy 65