Monday, November 20, 2006

Team Scores after Week 10 (and trivia answers)

What a crazy episode. The ___wins get the boot in Kiev for being polite and destroying the stereotype that men don't stop and ask for directions. James run's his tank into the barbie's and they gained the first place spot. The barbies and Roberly rap their little white hearts out before the Lyns kick it Bama-style. I enjoyed the need for a costume change into tuxes for Team Model (always enjoy that need, btw). And Rob called Kimberly a "superhuman creature from outerspace", which I think was a compliment. Maybe those two can actually work things out and are still together to this day. And we learned that is such a thing as the Great Patriotic War Museum. I guess they keep the upheavels and overthrowing government-type wars on the other side of town in a storage unit. All in all, a good leg of the race.

Team scores!
1. Team Model Addiction: 135
2. Team Barbie: 125
3. Team Maybe Still Dating: 85
4. Team Bama: 65
5. Team ______win: - 140

Trivia answers: (I was a little lenient on specific times)
On Sunday, Nov 19, at 12:09 they take the train for 21.14 km (47 minutes). They will need to walk .9km and pay 6 euros for a tourist ticket or anywhere between 2 to 4 for others.

The Finnish equivalent for Aloha (meaning hello and goodbye) is Moi! Moi!

It's been a pleasure bloggin' with ya'll! Keep it real, yo. (gearing up for my rap)


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