Monday, November 20, 2006

Caption THIS! Week I have no idea

Not many photos to choose from, but here we go. Let's play Match Game, shall we? I'm thinking of an eight word caption that breaks down like this:

I *i**'* **o* **is s*o* *as *a**e* **i*a*e***ia.

Be the FIRST to guess my quote (and post it or email it to me), I'll give you MAX BONUS POINTS this week. You will, as always, receive 40 for posting your caption.

And, oh, for every three people that submit a caption, I'll put another letter into the match game caption.


Blogger Adam said...

Off-camera Phil is whispering to himself..."Hug it out bitch, hug it out...."

8:09 AM

Blogger trueenough said...

I didn't know that Kiev had failed onomatopoeia.

(Likewise, I didn't know King Kong had wasted Philadelphia.)

9:19 AM

Anonymous terry said...

I hadn't once wish bama had backed lollapalooza

10:00 AM

Blogger chris said...

Good thing "Love is all you need" because we sure didn't win a million dollars.

11:16 AM

Anonymous terry said...

I didn't know this show had bagged Philadelphia

9:53 AM

Blogger Duncks said...

"I didn't know this show was called Philadelphia."

I love it when brother's love each other in such a brotherly loving way. So sweet. *BLARK*

8:26 AM


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